Bicortical Screw and Needle Welded Together as Effective Implant Technique for Immediate Load of SINGLE Tooth in Aesthetic Zone Characterized by Severe Bony Reabsorption: Cases Report


  •   Luca Dal Carlo

  •   Marco E. Pasqualini

  •   Franco Rossi


After a long period of time in which submerged implants were used just with delayed load, scientific evidence has led to immediate loading, finally re-evaluating the long lasting experience gotten with one-piece implants.

In aesthetic area, if bone is deep and wide, immediate load can be performed with any type of implants, with scarce risk of failure.

Situations in which bone is scarce are frequent and impose to choose between performing a suitable technique compatible with immediate loading or renouncing to immediate loading.

In our experience, implant technique based on the welding-in-mouth of a titanium needle to main implant is regularly destined to success, because the needle implant, deeply anchored to bone, compensates the lateral forces that normally push the tooth forward.

The long lasting experience accrued since over 30 years in our professional offices leads us to suggest this technique as a standard solution while dealing with bone reabsorption in the aesthetic area. We are certain that further studies will confirm our conclusions.

Keywords: Immediate implant, Aesthetic area, composed single implant, Welding machine


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