Restoration of a Traumatically Amputated Finger by a Traditional Glove-Type Prosthesis: A Case Report


  •   Simarpreet Kaur

  •   Mandeep Kaur

  •   Anupama Verma

  •   Tarun Singh


Background: Each organ serves a specific function in the human body. Congenital absence or loss of even minor parts of it can pose extreme psychological trauma in addition to the functional impairment and esthetic issues encountered by the individual. Amputation of complete or a part of phalange of hand is frequently encountered either due to trauma or necrosis. Restoration of such defects become mandatory to improve general form and function combined with the esthetic requirements of the patient. It can either be done by microvascular reconstruction or prosthetic rehabilitation. The latter becomes the means of choice in cases where the former is either not possible, unavailable, unsuccessful, or unaffordable.

Case Report: A case report has been presented of a 60 years old patient with an old traumatic partially amputated index finger.

Treatment Plan: A custom-made glove-type prosthesis was fabricated using silicone elastomer.

Conclusion: A ring is provided for better esthetics and special adhesive is recommended for retention of the prosthesis. 

Keywords: Finger Amputation, Glove Type Prosthesis, Rehabilitation, Silicone Material


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