The Diagnosis of Unilateral Diaphragmatic Paralysis Using M-mode: A Case Report from Palestine


  •   Mohammed Khatib

  •   Muayad Salman

  •   Sami Smerat

  •   Marah Abu Muhsen


Background: Diaphragmatic paralysis is one the causes of dyspnoea and difficulty in breathing. There are many causes of diaphragmatic paralysis, especially trauma and iatrogenic injury of phrenic nerve. Usually, diaphragmatic paralysis diagnosis depends on fluoroscopic examination of diaphragmatic displacement during sharp sniffs. However, due to disadvantages of fluoroscopic examination, the trend for less radiation examination by using ultrasound is increasing especially using M-mode for detection of diaphragmatic motion during respiration.

Case: A new-born baby boy with uneventful pregnancy and normal delivery with good general condition, developed severe respiratory distress at 3rd day of life and was diagnosed to have bilateral pneumothorax. Bilateral chest tubes were inserted with improvement of his condition. The baby then started to develop desaturation with serial chest x-rays done and showed elevated left hemi-diaphragm. Suspicion toward left hemi-diaphragm paralysis increased and due to his general condition, fluoroscopic examination was difficult. So that, Ultrasound with M-mode was used with diagnosis of the patient with left hemi-diaphragmatic paralysis.

Conclusion: Ultrasound and the using of M-mode in detection of diaphragmatic motion is one of the most important and applicable diagnostic procedure for diagnosis of diaphragmatic weakness and paralysis.

Keywords: Motion mode, neonatal intensive care unit, ultrasound


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