An Unusual Case of Uterovesical Polyp in a Patient Following Repeated Caesarean Section


  •   Okwudili C. Amu

  •   Emmanuel A. Affusim

  •   Ugochukwu U. Nnadozie

  •   Balantine U. Eze


NE is a 36yr old petty trader who has had four previous caesarean sections. She went for her routine abdominal ultrasonography at 36weeks of her fifth pregnancy and an incidental posterior bladder polypoid mass was found with a normal singleton fetus. Patient declined cystoscopy but accepted exploration of bladder at same time with a caesarean section.  At Surgery, a polyp was found arising from the lower uterine segment traversing the thin posterior bladder wall into the bladder. The polyp was carefully dissected out and separated from bladder. Bladder and uterus were repaired, and patient had uneventful recovery. 

Keywords: Bladder exploration, repeated caesarean section, uterovesical polyp, Youssef syndrome


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Amu, O. C., Affusim, E. A., Nnadozie, U. U., & Eze, B. U. (2021). An Unusual Case of Uterovesical Polyp in a Patient Following Repeated Caesarean Section. European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences, 3(6), 5–7.